How To Do Carpet Patching?

When a particular area of the carpet gets damage, you can not do anything except hiding the area. And if you have bought the carpet recently, you have to keep it hidden for long. However, there’s a solution for it to completely fix the affected area. The process is known as carpet patchings, this method can be used for multiple reasons if the damaged area is less than 1 sq. ft or equal to 1 sq. ft, this method is prescribed to fix the damage. The patching reasonably blends in with the rest of the carpet however, it will be still noticeable.

Carpet Patching
Carpet Patching

To Begin The Carpet Patching you Need the Following Items.


  1. Donor carpet.
  2. Knife for carpet or utility knife.
  3. Double sided adhesive tape for carpet.
  4. A small piece from remaining donor carpet.

In case you don’t have a donor carpet you can also cut a small part from your existing carpet from places such as under the bed or any other hidden area which is not in use.

Cut The Required Piece From The Carpet.

Before starting, measure the exact area which is needed to be patched. Once you have measured it, use the utility knife and cut donor the required are the Carpet Repair Services.

Carefully Apply The Tape.

The tape used to stick the carpet is very strong and immediately attach to the object when applied. If you make a wrong move, it will stick to the fabric, in this case, pull the tape and throw it away. Apply carefully next time, don’t let it smudge the carpet.

Attach The Piece Of Carpet.

Attach the carpet on the reverse side and use a roller to fix it properly and make sure that it has been set properly. Once you’re done vacuum the surface to clean any debris and dust.

Carpet Damage Repair
Carpet Damage Repair

Call Professionals.

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