Rug Cleaning Canberra

We Do More Than Just Clean Rugs In Canberra

Cleaning your rug is undoubtedly fashioned with difficulties, mainly if your rugs are classical or made of sensitive materials like silk. At Carpet Clean Master, we get this and give the most secure and practical strategies accessible for cleaning your susceptible rug. We offer two distinct kinds of Rug Cleaning Canberra to address your rug cleaning difficulties.

Pro Rug Cleaning Canberra

We get your rugs and carry them to our company for what is known as an offsite cleaning. Or then again, two, we go to your home and steam clean your rugs at your home. Regardless of which technique you pick, you can trust us to do the work right! So, call 0488 849 249 to hire us today!

Same Day Rug Cleaning Solutions For All In Canberra

Our clients are the backbone of Carpet Clean Master. Without them, we are nothing. That’s why to always ensure they are satisfied with our service, we go to every length possible. And, that includes offering our best services of Rug Cleaning Canberra on the same day. You can call at any point in the day and hire us for Same Day Rug Cleaning Service in Canberra. Additionally, hiring us is simple due to our one call hiring process, call us and book an appointment.

Rug Cleaning Services We Execute For The Canberra Residents

At Carpet Clean Master, we have various services regarding Rug Cleaning Canberra. These services are developed after deep market research to address the needs of every Canberra resident. And, we believe there isn’t anything that you cannot find at our company for Rug Cleaning Canberra. We got everything you need, all in a single place and in a single package.

Dry Cleaning

With our Rug Dry Cleaning Service, we don’t need to use water to clean the rug. We can use our unique powder-based cleaning compounds to give your rugs a deep clean it deserves.

Steam Cleaning

Rug Steam Cleaning is often used for super dirty rugs. And that’s what makes it unique; using high-temp steam, we can clean the dirtiest of the dirty rugs without much hassle.

Odour Removal

With our exceptional team of Odour Control Technicians (OCT), we can remove all the odour from your rugs. We can make it smell fresh in no time. So, call Carpet Clean Master for a high-grade Odour Removal Service.

Mould Removal

Moulds are the enemy of all rugs; that’s why you need to act quickly to protect your rugs from extra damage. And, we are offering your high-quality and quick Rug Mould Removal Service to protect your rugs from mould damage.

Rug Sanitization

Rugs are one of the most used items in any house; people walk on them, kids play on them, and even the pets have fun. All of it makes the rug full of germs and bacterias, and to kill those creatures, you need Rug Sanitization Service.

Rug Stain Removal

Our Rug Cleaning Canberra also consists of Rug Stain Removal of all sorts of shapes and types. We can remove stains from coffee, pet urine, food, red wine and anything else.

Proven Cleaning Steps For Long-lasting Rugs

  • Pre-Inspection And Spot Testing

Our team of Rug Cleaning Technicians (RCT) will inspect the rug to understand the materials and how dirty it is. And, we might also do spot testing to verify the safest cleaning methods.

  • Pre-Vacuuming

After the inspection, we will take out our industrial grade vacuum machines to vacuum the rug. We will remove all the dirt and dust that’s loose and easy to remove.

  • Deep Cleaning With Hot Carbonating Extraction

Our Rug Cleaning Canberra methods are revolutionary and also exclusive to us. We use a carbonated water extraction process to clean your entire rug, as it is the best cleaning method.

  • Brush And Groom Carpet Pile

Nobody likes a rug that’s totally lifeless, and it usually happens after deep cleaning. To fix it, we will groom your rug using our special rug brush to give it more definition.

  • Rug Protectant

After completing Rug Cleaning Service, we must use a rug protector to ensure it doesn’t get dirty quickly.

  • Professional Strength Deodoriser

We will cover the entire rug with our high-strength deodorizer to ensure there’s no foul odour in the rug.

  • Rug Sanitisation

After completing everything, your rug will be given one final sanitization to ensure it is germ-free.

Why Do You Need To Choose Carpet Clean Master In Canberra?

Our customers simply love our tender loving care, and agreeable assistance joined with moderate costs, free statements, and pickup and conveyance. We have long stretches of experience cleaning a wide range of rugs from conventional Persian rugs, oriental rugs, kilims, silk rugs, Indian, Pakistani, Turkish, Chinese, just as machine weaved present-day floor rugs. At Carpet Clean Master, all of it is done by a certified team of Rug Cleaning Technicians (RCT).

  • 24x7Hrs Service: All of our services regarding Rug Cleaning Canberra are available at your fingertips whenever you want. Ignore what time it is and call us whenever you want Rug Cleaning Service.
  • Rug Safe Cleaning: The safety of your precious rug is essential for us as much as it is for you. That’s why we always take various precautions and run spot tests to ensure its safety.
  • Onsite Service: Just let us know where you are, and we will come rolling down the street to your location for onsite rug cleaning. All of our services are available for onsite service.
  • Fastest Rug Cleaning: Our motto is the fastest rug cleaning with minimal wastage of time and money. And, we always stick to it; every time you hire us for Rug Cleaning Canberra, you will always get the fastest cleaning.
  • Years Of Experience: One of the things that put us in a different league is our years of experience. Over time, throughout our years of service, we have encountered all the rugs in all forms and shapes for deep cleaning.

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